SharePoint Joel Reviews EPM Live 4.3 PPM and Work Management Platform

The critic’s reviews are in and EPM Live 4.3 gets 5 stars!  EPM Live’s PPM and Work Management Platform is revolutionizing the way people manage work and projects.  As one college put it, “EPM Live is nothing short of a revolutionary movement for the PPM Work Management industry,” and industry experts seem to agree.  Read full review.

Calling EPM Live the “Enterprise Project and Work Management for the masses,” SharePoint Guru, Joel Olsen just released his review of EPM Live 4.3.

“EPM Live is an impressive solution that sits on SharePoint and provides a comprehensive solution of Enterprise Project Management and Work Management for the masses. Its dashboards, processes, and flows help build the utopia that executives have long been looking for. With over 5,000 existing customers and more than 14 years of experience in the Project Management space, this solution is very rich and backed by a solid company that’s in it for the long haul.”  


“One of the new and exciting features that really shows how EPM Live scales is the new App Marketplace. Something I’ve been looking for are those easy to use templates that will help me get started and help various teams, groups, and divisions as they look to build common services such as account management or typical product development solutions. Business needs can be met through a template. Now that’s smart. Keep it simple, and then layer it on as your needs increase.”  View video



In addition to the app marketplace, EPM Live has made numerous other enhancements including the ability to create and build communities within EPM Live.  EPM Live is now easier than ever to use, giving users the tools they need to collaborate better with their teams as well as making the data they interact with both targeted and relevant.  It has truly become a tool built specifically with the end user in mind. In addition to SharePoint Joel, EPM Live is receiving raving reviews for the latest release and we anticipate that the buzz on the streets will continue. 

The App Marketplace is only one of the many new highlights in EPM Live’s 4.3 release, for more information: