Social Project Management – What is it and how do you adapt?

The world is going social and businesses are following suit.  Water cooler conversations are obsolete these days because social information is readily available and easily shared with a quick click of the mouse. Social Project Management is a new discipline emerging amongst organizations; it’s a non-traditional way of organizing and executing projects leveraging social networking techniques to quickly move information to distributed or virtual teams.

In today’s project management, it is nearly impossible to meet objectives, milestones, etc. without everyone’s participation.  The bottom line is that distributed teams lose significant communication value when they are not given the appropriate tools to collaborate.  It is also a new way of thinking that empowers team accountability vs. the ownership residing on the PM alone.  It also exposes expertise within your organization.  In addition, it is traditional now, to not only have internal teams collaborate but also external teams such as customers and vendors. Social Project Management is most often enabled by the use of Collaborative software and many times that software has been inspired in part through the new social media world we live in today. It is not managing projects using social media tools.  This is a common misconception.  It is a new approach to managing projects.  

What is Social Project software for?

Social Project Management is leveraged for improved communication within one system so teams don’t have to jump around to various tools actually getting more work done. Some businesses might be afraid to use a social approach to project management because they think of Facebook and other social networking tools on the market today that allow users to discuss freely what’s going on in their life at any given time.  The reality is that knowing information about others builds trust and relationships.  Social Project Management is not managing projects with Facebook and its purpose is not to share every detail about our everyday lives; however, it is about empowering users, generating status, establishing experts and allowing others to learn. Relationship transparency can create a very positive working environment.

Overcoming Adoption Challenges:

Like any new approach or tool there are hurdles that must be overcome in order to show the value of Social Project Management. One solution rarely fits the needs of all users, but with social project management it’s about empowering teams and allowing individuals the flexibility to customize the tool(s) to work the way they work while keeping company enterprise standards. Remind stakeholders that usability equal’s success in an enterprise system; the data outputs are only as good as the information going into the tool.

EPM Live offers many online project management tools to support Social Project Management such as comment streams and user customizable dashboards. Create your own Communities with specific homepage content and customized navigation. Communities can be used for departments or groups within your organization to show relevant information. Leverage EPM Live’s ideation or shout out apps to promote communication amongst team members.

To learn more about Social Project Management watch this on-demand webinar recording on Social Project Management – Adapting to the Change.