“EPM Live is a great tool and very flexible with integration between SharePoint and Microsoft Project. EPM Live is easily customizable and if we ever need assistance the  services team is always there to help us!”
-Magdalena Bonilla, EPMO


  • EmblemHealth is a health maintenance organization and health insurance company based in New York City. It is a $10 billion company with 3.1 million members.
  • Its system was lacking a central location or tool for tracking project funding requests.
  • Reporting on project spending required manual updates by the team via Microsoft Excel and did not allow for consistent, accurate or real‐time reporting.
  • With too many systems already in place, introducing a new platform was not an option.


  • Leveraging the EPM Live solution, EmblemHealth was able track project funding requests in one solution within their SharePoint environment.
  • By using EPM Live, EmblemHealth was able to make better decisions for optimized portfolio, it reduced time and labor costs and eliminated manual process and rework.
  • The EPM Live solution also provided real-time and accurate reporting, reducing risks and overages.


Protecting its project management investment in the SharePoint platform, the EPM Live solution enabled EmblemHealth to track project funding requests in one solution within its existing SharePoint environment. EPM Live has also reduced time and labor costs allowing resources to focus on the critical aspects of managing their projects and eliminating the need for unnecessary manual steps and rework.