Illinois Department of Transportation Improves Business Insight and Visibility into Resource Management


  • The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)  is responsible for sustaining, strengthening, expanding, and maintaining a multi-modal transportation system for the state of Illinois.
  • IDOT needed to achieve a higher level of awareness of project outcomes to ensure ongoing alignment with business objectives.
  • IDOT also needed a system to efficiently and effectively deploy resources to maximize utilization, increase accountability and achieve business goals.
  • In addition to that, IDOT wanted to improve business decisions by incorporating automated controls that will provide decision makers with the data needed to make better informed decisions.
  • Project managers needed the tools to properly manage and control projects to ensure better quality outputs, faster turn times and controlled budgets.


  • Implemented EPM Live creating global visibility into all IT projects across all departments.
  • IDOT utilized integration with Microsoft Project allowing them to publish project schedules stored in Microsoft Project directly to their EPM Live environment allowing better monitoring of tasks and resources.
  • EPM Live provided the tools for IDOT to establish and maintain Business Processes and Workflows.
  • Improved visibility into all project demands created better resource allocation to ensure the right projects are leveraging the right resources.


  • Illinois Department of Transportation was able to overall improve project awareness through better visibility into all project demands to ensure the right resources are allocated to the right projects providing the highest value and increasing ROI.
  • IDOT is now able to make better business decision and uses EPM Live to manage over 60 projects.
  • The system is expected to grow throughout other agencies within the State of Illinois.