SynergiTic Improves Project Visibility and Significantly Reduces Meeting Time Prep with Centralized Reporting Capabilities


  • SynergiTic needed a centralized project management tool for overall organization and to provide the ability to easily share documents, improve management visibility into project statuses, better facilitate reporting for board meetings, and improved collaboration.
  • SynergiTic had specific reporting requirements. Current processes for creating detailed status reports were time consuming  due to disparate systems hosting different information.
  • SynergiTic needed a tool similar to Project Server functionality for user adoptability but needed a relatively affordable system.
  • Project management maturity suffered due to a lack of thoroughness in reporting and project management.  There was a one year hole because the data was not trustworthy.


  • SynergiTic liked the simplicity of EPM Live’s scheduling tools. The online work planner is utilized to manage schedules and project milestones.
  • Management is better able to track resource project task through the EPM Live action center, action list. Project resources are now able to manage assigned work in one centralized location. Users leverage to-do lists (from Infrastructure tasks/work), quickly access assigned help desk tasks (ITIL based), and project tasks.
  • Project managers use the Resource Planner for improved resource allocation tracking base on project work.
  • EPM Live’s Reporting Center allows SynergiTic to access pre-configured reports and dashboards for improved insight into real-time project statuses. Project Managers can also leverage project charts and graphs for better visual presentation of project performance.


By implementing EPM Live’s online project management software, SynergiTic project managers and stakeholders have been able to reduced prep time creating and running project status reports and are better able to manage resources and project items ultimately increasing the overall project management maturity and productivity within the organization. The reporting features alone have greatly improved a time consuming 10 hour prep process to what now takes project managers 1 to 2 hours to create project reports for each meeting quarterly and monthly. This saves team members 8 to 9 hours of time per month and between 128 to 144 hours saved in a year.