Sync Outlook and SharePoint With EPM Live for Effortless Project and Work Collaboration

SharePoint is the largest collaboration platform on the market today. With over 36 million users world wide, it no wonder most organizations choose SharePoint as their business application of choice. Savvy business leaders are leveraging project and work management companies such as EPM Live to help them extend the capabilities of SharePoint in to a complete end-to-end business intelligence and project management tool. And even taking their deployments one step further into social project management. 

Collaboration is a key practice in the way organizations work today.  Working together to deliver project and work deliverables that otherwise may not be reached by working alone, allow organizations to streamline work, deliver services and increase overall productivity across the organization. Collaborative environments provide resources the ability to combine effort and expertise to produce greater business results allowing them to work better, faster and smarter.

Two of the most effective, widely adopted, easy-to-use collaboration tools on the market today include Outlook and SharePoint.  EPM Live combines these two powerful products Outlook Publisher, an Outlook add-in that allows seamless synchronization with Outlook and SharePoint.  EPM Live customers can leverage Outlook to extend the collaboration tools available to maximize productivity.  Teams can convert Outlook emails into work items directly in SharePoint .  Outlook Publisher enables teams to reduce effort and improve communication.  Outlook Publisher includes the following functionality:

  • Full integration with Outlook ribbon controls – Outlook Publisher allows you to create list items directly in Outlook.  As a new item is created from the Outlook ribbon controls, a new item in SharePoint is created
  • Email threading and monitoring – Tracking information such as ID, date and time are automatically produced for item identification as items are created in Outlook.  All updates to the defined list item are appended and tracked to account for all collaboration and communication throughout the work item’s life cycle
  • Flexible configuration tools- Outlook Publisher comes with easy to use configuration tools to allow for flexible field configuration and list mapping

Outlook Publisher can be used for any work item in SharePoint including but not limited to help desk tickets, work requests, task lists, action items, risks, issues, IT requests, maintenance requests, bug lists, etc.  EPM Live will continue to drive innovation by finding new and better ways for teams to work better together.