Email your entire project team with a few clicks in Project Publisher

One of the greatest challenges a Project Manager has is keeping everyone informed and connected with the latest and greatest when things change… I said when things change because we all know that dates shift, resource availability fluctuates, scope creeps, and risks can manifest into issues.

Using the EPM Live Project Publisher, a Microsoft Project add-in, you can easily get everyone on your project team — literally: every resource on your project team — informed with the favorite business communication tool of this age: email.

Project Publisher works with all EPM Live product versions, so no matter whether you have a free project workspace, or an EPM/PPM system, you can use this trick!

We have a few assumptions to cover:

  • The first is that you have a Microsoft Project file setup – scheduled & linked, as you see fit.
  • The second is that you have the project resource loaded into the schedule and assigned to tasks. One way to check is to see whether or not you have people showing up on the Resource Usage view, with assignments on tasks.
  • The third is that you have already done the Project Team build on your EPM Live project workspace. Of course, for the communication to get delivered to the person, their correct email address has to be in the system.
  • The last is that you have done the Resource Mapping with your Project Team & the Microsoft Project schedule.

So, let’s get to this. Smile

Open Microsoft Project, click on the Publisher tab, and then click the Communicate option. Email team is right there:

Compose your message using your favorite desktop email application, and send it off. It should be that simple!

EPM Light with Microsoft Project 2010 Professional and SharePoint 2010

Microsoft® Project Professional 2010 offers Project Managers a powerful tool for scheduling, planning and assigning project work within their projects and programs.  Microsoft SharePoint® Foundation 2010 provides its users with an easy to use, intuitive platform for effective team collaborationis and continues to be the most widely used collaboration platform on the market today.

Although many organizations leverage both tools for improved business productivity, many times these solutions operate in parallel and therefore aren’t even beginning to scratch the surface for reaching their true potential .

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WorkEngine Announces its Accelerator Marketplace- Prebuilt Templates to Accelerate your Implementation

To help organizations reduce the time to market when implementing an Enterprise Project and Work Management Solution, EPM Live has built a WorkEngine template gallery that will help meet the needs and requirements of almost any organization.  WorkEngine’s Accelerator Marketplace offers powerful, easy to use predefined solution templates, feature templates and WorkEngine Partner’s third party products that optimize the dynamic features of EPM Live’s WorkEngine and accelerate the implementation process.   WorkEngine Accelerators will ensure that your organization’s Solution deploys efficiently and meets specific and unique requirements.

WorkEngine Accelerators significantly improve time-to-benefit at minimal risk. Our Accelerators are built with leading industry and business best practices imbedded in the configuration.  WorkEngine Accelerators enable rapid adoption and standardization of world-class best practices.

WorkEngine Accelerators help organizations:

  • Decrease implementation cost and risk, while increasing ROI
  • Build in and  Standardize best practices surrounding their business processes
  • Ensure Early adoption

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