Publish Your SharePoint Project and Work Tasks to Outlook with EPM Live

One of the biggest challenges with an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution is getting all users to actually use the tool.   The data that comes out of the PPM tool is only as good as the information going in.  That being said, a critical success factor for implementing a PPM tool is high user adoption.  So how do you ensure that all users use the tool, and even better, WANT to use it?   You provide the tools needed to ensure users can work in the format most familiar to them.

EPM Live has been implementing PPM systems since 1999.  Because our solutions are built with usability in mind, removing adoption barriers is a requirement that has been the basis for many new features over the years.   Email applications are one of the most commonly used systems in organizations today which means that users are familiar with their email toolset.  In addition to many other integrations EPM Live offers to help users collaborate more effectively, EPM Live offers an Outlook integration that synchronizes all EPM Live work items with your Outlook task list.

With EPM Live, work is always consolidated in one central location (“My Work”) within Microsoft SharePoint.  EPM Live’s Outlook Publisher allows Microsoft Outlook users to easily connect to projects, tasks issues and other work items in EPM Live to collaborate in the way most familiar to them.

Easily Synchronize All Work Assigned to You In Any Outlook Task Folder


  • Synch with EPM Live: Outlook synchronizes with your “My Work” view from EPM Live automatically and in real time
  • Set automatic synchronization schedules with EPM Live sites or manually synchronize “My Work” from EPM Live at any time
  • Easily automatically connect to EPM Live when creating new Outlook task folders
  • “My Work” items are automatically removed from your Outlook task folders when any related EPM Live connections are removed for easy self clean-up
  • Changes to your “My Work” items are stored and automatically synchronized later if network connectivity is unavailable at the time you save the task, issue, risk, change, backlog, or custom work item for offline support needs
  • Easily manage all tasks in your Outlook task folders.  Switch views via the ribbon to only see your EPM Live “My Work” items, your Outlook native tasks, or both types of tasks in one consolidated view
  • Make changes to your work items directly in Outlook and changes are automatically synched back to EPM Live

Publish changes from local My Work items back to EPM Live

The EPM Live Outlook Publisher works with both Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010. We offer both 32- and 64-bit versions for Outlook 2010.  Sign up for EPM Live today!

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Uses EPM Live to Improve Visibility and Reduce Costs

As a center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is responsible for space missions exploring Earth, the solar system and the universe beyond. The laboratory employs approximately 5,000 people and is running a large number of projects at any given time.

The organization was using Microsoft Project Professional within the laboratory to give project management teams access to project schedules. However to share the schedules, JPL’s Project Schedule Analysts (PSAs) needed to create portable document files (PDFs) and then place them in a file share directory for access by project team members.  This meant that the schedules viewed by team members were a static image of project status at any given point in time, and did not provide any ability to drill down into items or make changes. When engineers needed to make a change they had to coordinate with the PSAs, creating additional work for both roles.

JPL decided to deploy WorkEngine from EPM Live, an Enterprise Project Portfolio and Work Management solution that integrates Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Project Server to achieve improved schedule visibility, greater collaboration, and reduce costs.

Various projects are being migrated to the WorkEngine solution, including plans and schedules for major upcoming flight projects. With EPM Live’s WorkEngine solution, project schedule visibility has been transformed from a static view of the project at any given time into real-time access for all project teams to review and status.

By deploying a project management solution that is integrated with SharePoint Server, JPL is able to create project workspaces where teams can access schedules and other key project information in a single location. This has improved collaboration within the teams, as employees can work together on documents, calendars, tasks and other items, removing version control issues. Project teams have real-time access to data, which boosts productivity among employees.

As well as benefiting from improved collaboration and visibility, JPL anticipates significant cost reductions from moving to an enterprise project management solution. A PSA can create approximately 30 PDFs of schedules during an update cycle, including the top level schedule and a version for each Cost Account Manager. Using the web view will save PSAs up to half a day’s work each week. JPL will also create cost efficiencies through improved collaboration by integrating its projects.

To learn more about how we work with other government agencies, contact us.

EPM Live "PM Lite" Template for Simple Online Project Management

An enterprise project management system typically isn’t tailored to meet the needs of ALL users.  An enterprise system is just that, a tool to be shared and used by the entire organization.  The problem is that most teams in an organization work differently.  They have different processes, they follow different leaders, they have different areas of focus, and most of all, they are at different maturity levels within the PM maturity.  In fact, most likely you have non-PMs running projects somewhere across your organization.  A PPM system must allow you to define your enterprise needs and then customize the tool to meet the needs of individual teams, project managers, or departments.  If each user understands that the tool will meet their needs and resolve their pain points, everyone wins.  Executives get to see what they need across the enterprise and individual teams can work the way they work to make the tool effective.  Usability equals success in an enterprise system, and the data outputs are only as good as the information going into the tool.

With this in mind EPM Live offers our “PM Lite” PM Lite Project Workspace template suits those project managers looking for a simple project management tool with easy collaboration and scheduling tools.

Project teams improve collaboration and keep projects on track with the power to choose to use either the EPM Live Online Planner or Microsoft Project to manage your schedule.  Your team can log issues as they arise, chat in team discussions, and share documents.   Built-in reports let you see relevant project dashboards and artifacts.  EPM Live is always striving to meet the needs of ALL users and ALL process across ALL work!

Watch a few videos to learn more about how to use our Online Project Planner:

Project Planner Overview

Project Planner Deep Dive

PM Lite” Highlights:

  • Project scheduling using the EPM Live Online Planner or Microsoft Project.

  • Issues & Document Management

  •  Visual Reports & Dashboards

  • Notifications & Alerts to improve collaboration for your team



Implementing Enterprise PPM for a Multi-maturity Organization

The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) evolution has made great leaps and bounds over the last few years. For this reason, I believe there are still a few common misconceptions that remain linked to the topic of PPM discussions everywhere. Before diving into misconception #1, it is important for you to know that PPM CAN be for everyone, regardless of maturity. If you have a multi-maturity organization, join us for our upcoming webinar to see how you can have a one size fits all PPM solution tailored to meet the needs of every user within your business.

Systems are put into place to resolve pain points, address challenges and return a positive value impact on the underlying need for PPM within the organization. PPM success factors could be defined by an increase in resource productivity, a decrease in spending or the general ability to be able to do more with less. Here’s where the misconception comes in; PPM is, for the most part, known as a complex discipline. In many organizations, PPM systems are often defined and used by those within the organization who are mature enough to understand the data that goes in and the meaning of the data that comes out.  Well, understanding the data is one thing, validating the data is another.  PPM systems will net a much greater return if all resources (those who are managing the work and those who are performing the work) are using the tool.  It is no longer fair to assume that the true PPM practitioners within your organization are the only ones qualified to use a PPM system.  Notice that I said “those who are managing the work”.  In order to have a complete portfolio that reflects true spend, every user must be included.  I’m happy to say that in today’s PPM world, that is possible.  In fact, EPM Live has brought PPM to thousands of users and has met the individual maturity needs of each and every client.  So now that we got the misconception out of the way, let’s talk a little about maturity.

What is a PPM Maturity Model and why is it so important?  PPM Maturity Models have played an important role in history, preparing organizations and IT leaders to better their Project and Portfolio Management processes. The ability to practice these types of strategic disciplines to better align with your organization’s strategic objectives is called Organizational Project Management Maturity.

In today’s competitive market it is critical for organizations to leverage their IT infrastructure to better these processes and continue to move up the maturity curve. It is proven that organizations with higher maturity can expect to see better return and performance on their project portfolio and could potentially lead to competitive advantage. Why? Because a portfolio that is managed in accordance with a PPM Maturity Model, such as Gartner’s, can help organizations identify their weaknesses, determine and set priorities, and play a key role in establishing goals to better the overall organization.

Does this mean that every organization should set a goal of going from level 0 maturity to level 5 in 90 days?  Absolutely not, in fact, quite the contrary. Moving up in maturity at a rapid pace will only introduce risks and ultimately result in low adoption or acceptance for all those involved. Organizations must realistically assess where they reside in the maturity model and set practical, incremental goals that are achievable and obtainable through gradual adoption. The Gartner PPM Maturity Model involves 5 core dimensions and 6 levels:

5 Core Dimensions:

  • People- Your most valuable asset on any project is the people. Their skill set, their involvement or availability and their ability to follow processes and deliver on projects are all crucial characteristics of project management maturity
  • PPM Processes- Processes are the activities, tasks, or workflow that is used to establish an end result. The granularity and complexity of the processes we use through project management disciplines whether it be portfolio management, resource management, time management or task management have a great impact on the end result
  • Financial Management- All project related work, in addition to materials, have a direct impact on your projects bottom line. How you track and manage this information will most definitely play a role in your project’s success
  • Technology- This one is a sweet spot for EPM Live. Technology is critical. How and with what tool you will manage every aspect of your portfolio will ultimately determine your ability to improve productivity which in turn affects your resources, your dollars, your time and the quality in which you deliver
  • Relationships- This one seems to require little explanation. The relationship we have amongst our stakeholders (project teams, customers, leadership) can make or break a project. Communication is key and the way we collaborate and nurture these relationships is of utmost importance

So how does EPM Live technology stack up against the Gartner PPM Maturity Model?  EPM Live believes that PPM Maturity is critical for project success. We also understand that most organizations fall between level 0 and level 1 maturity.  EPM Live provides the tools necessary to help organizations improve their PPM maturity while at the same time aligning with the organization’s strategic goals as you transition up the maturity ladder. For this reason, EPM Live offers a solution path to success that will help you determine where you are in organizational maturity, where you want to be moving forward and a roadmap to get you there!

IT Predictions for 2012 – Are You Riding the Trend?

If it isn’t evident yet, it will be… 2012 is going to be one for the books. We didn’t just ring in a New Year, we rang in the new norms for conducting business. PMO’s now more than ever are expected to continually adjust and embrace the new revolutionary model. Gartner is predicting that PPM (Project Portfolio Management) leaders will be forced to respond by embracing a new emerging revolutionary model that requires constantly changing organizational structures, tools and processes.

Last month I listened to “Talking Technology” Gartner’s Monthly Newsletter Audio Magazine.  Host Scott Smith was interviewing Gartner’s Research Managing VP, Daryl Plummer, about his top IT predictions for 2012.  Plummer said he expects CIO’s to play a more strategic role in the business, by predicting what IT trends are coming and how to take advantage of them.

Keeping up with the trends seems simple enough but the ever evolving idea of “trends” has taken on a new twist in 2012.

Plummer went on to talk about the evolution of what I’m going to call the big 3… the cloud, social and mobile. All three of these components will come together in 2012 and this growth of information is expected to form a new business phenomenon.

Plummer defined mobile as the access mechanism, social as the behavioral style or interaction style, and the cloud as the means of delivery. The big three come together to create information, the analytical foundation that will drive your strategic business decisions.  All these components makeup today’s new business phenomenon.

Plummer also raised the issue of the idea of “Big Data”.  “Because of the new evolving norms of doing business through social, mobile and the cloud applications, information is coming at us fast and furious, in structured and unstructured forms. It’s more information coming at us then we have time to analyze,” said Plummer. Gartner predicts that by 2015 more than 85% of Fortune 500 companies will fail to effectively properly exploit big data for a competitive advantage.

So how are companies supposed to adapt?  Executives and Project Managers must embrace the new norm. You can’t fight it, you can’t stop it, you have to be the first to implement them right by choosing a flexible solution to aide in your strategic planning and to help create and monitor processes for selecting the right work for a profitable portfolio. You need to be able to bring all information into one central location so nothing falls through the cracks, and be able to adjust and reinvent your approach from Project Management to Marketing.

Like most of you, we at EPM Live strive to always be on top of the trends, but we have one thing that sets us apart from the rest…our products. EPM Live’s PortfolioEngine takes the pain out of Portfolio Planning. PortfolioEngine is a SharePoint-based, top-down Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution that empowers executives to make critical business decisions with confidence. Leveraging EPM Live’s award winning PortfolioEngine capabilities, this tool will put you one step ahead of the competition helping you achieve a competitive advantage by choosing the right projects to drive your business toward its strategic objectives.

Here’s a look at some of PortfolioEngine’s capabilities that will help Project Managers and Executives stay on top of the new business phenomenon.

  • Increased visibility into real-time project investment status, allowing the user to monitor progress in terms of actuals and forecasts on key dimensions such as cost, schedules, benefits and risks.

  • Leverage portfolio analytics tools to make better decisions when selecting projects and work for execution. Gain real-time insight into rich analytics such as color-coded heat maps and portfolio modeling capabilities.

  •  Create resource capacity plans to get a true picture of resource demand across all work. Estimate role-based resource hours to ensure the resource plan can be fulfilled given current resource workload and availability.

  • Design custom workflows to automate business processes across the enterprise. Project workflows may include document reviews, approvals, stage-gating and archiving, among others. Quickly create workflows to take care of routine processes on project sites, such as sending notifications or creating tasks.

Try PortfolioEngine’s FREE 30 day trial and get a feel for how choosing this solution will empower your business to make 2012 the most profitable year yet.

And remember, “You have to figure out how your company is going to deal with cloud, social, mobile and information. These four forces are affecting everything that you do and by understanding where you stand with these items will give you the foundation for evaluating your own future. Without that it will be a rough ride…with it you can actually open the door to new opportunities you may not have even realized exist,” Daryl Plummer, Gartner’s Research Managing VP.

Afidence Inc. Joins EPM Live's Partner Network

EPM Live is very excited about adding Afidence Inc. to our renowned Partner Program. Afidence is Cincinnati’s only consulting firm focusing on the delivery of real business solutions on the SharePoint platform and are known in the IT industry as the premiere “go to” consulting company.  Afidence’s expertise in sharePoint project management and project software will be a valuable asset to EPM Live.

Afidence is an ideal partner for the EPM Live platform as their business acumen and IT expertise has propelled them to the top of their competition.  Afidence approaches every client with the prevailing lens of aligning IT with Business before choosing or deploying a solution.

“In our research of potential SharePoint-based Project Management tools, we found WorkEngine to be a powerful, yet practical tool that enables our clients to implement sophisticated project and work management capabilities, at a price-point they can afford,” says Hogan, President of Afidence.  “Perhaps more importantly, because the solution is based in SharePoint, a collaboration platform utilized by many of our clients, end-user satisfaction and adoption rates are extremely high.”

Deploying EPM Live, transforms the Microsoft SharePoint stack into a more comprehensive and integrated Enterprise Project Management platform. EPM Live includes Demand Management, Portfolio Management, Enterprise Project Management, Operations Management and Business Intelligence components to support the entire SharePoint Project and Work Management lifecycle.

EPM Live’s global network of Partners specialize in both EPM Live and SharePoint technologies and services. Our team of subject matter experts, add-on software applications, and IT professionals are committed to helping you solve your Project and Work Management challenges.

How EPM Live Aligns With the Top 10 Project Management Trends of 2012

I recently stumbled upon an interesting article on PM Hut that identifies and describes the top 10 project management trends of 2012, as determined by ESI International senior executives and subject matter experts.  At EPM Live, we strive to keep our products and services ahead of the curve, and in alignment with industry best practices and standards.  It was with great delight, though without surprise, to see that EPM Live’s products are right in tune with many of the top 10 trends for this year.

As said by ESI International, “custom-made project approaches, innovative project tools and smarter resource management will be essential for driving the greatest business impact.”  Yes, we agree!

1.  Program management will gain momentum, but resources remain in short supply

With EPM Live tools, you can effectively plan resources from initial high-level role based planning down to detailed work item assignments, and ensure that the right resources are appointed.  When resource scarcity is an issue, plan and assign resources accurately to maximize their availability without over-allocating them to too much work.  Maximize resource allocation by ensuring the right resources are assigned to the right work at the right time.  Some of these tools include our Resource Planner and Analyzer, Resource availability reports, what-if-modeling for resource assignments, and more!  Click here to read more about resource management available with EPM Live.  To view PortfolioEngine Resource Management capabilities click here.

2.  Collaboration software solutions will become an essential business tool for project teams

“Collaboration is central to project management and having a site which allows project artifacts to be created, shared, and distributed within a repository that provides Web-based access and critical functions such as automatic distribution and notification, version control, and user authentication, greatly enhances productivity.”

EPM Live offers many ways for project teams to easily collaborate with one another and communicate efficiently.  The EPM Live solutions are built on SharePoint, so we’re able to start with all the well-known collaboration capabilities, and then add EPM Live’s collaborative tools.  Share knowledge and better collaborate with your work teams to increase productivity and efficiency through various modes of communication.  Some of these examples include comments threads on work items, workspaces for teams to focus on project-specific collaboration, easy statusing of work items, flexible alerts and notifications, and much more!  Click here to see many of the collaboration tools available from EPM Live.

3.  Learning transfer will become the new mantra, but with little structured application

4.  Agile blends with waterfall for a new “hybrid” approach

EPM Live offers pre-built templates that allow teams to manage projects using a variety of methodologies.  This includes Agile & Waterfall joined as a hybrid approach, as well as the same solutions independently.

We have a related blog on this topic.  Click here to read more about Waterfall plus Agile as hybrid planning with EPM Live.  To see some of the work template offered with EPM Live’s WorkEngine, click here.

5.  Smarter project investments will require a stronger marriage between project management and business process management (BPM)

“The more impact the project has on reducing internal costs, the higher it will be ranked. The “smart” money will be spent on driving costs out of the business.”

With EPM Live, organizations gain visibility across the portfolio, and can utilize tools to ensure the right projects are selected and managed, in accordance with important business-wide drivers and priority scoring.  Capture and determine the right mix and sequencing of proposed projects and ideas to best achieve the organization’s overall goals. View various reports to evaluate which projects bring the most value to the business.  Click here to read an EPM Live white paper about successful portfolio planning.

6.  Internal certifications in corporations and federal agencies will eclipse the PMP®

7.  More PMO heads will measure effectiveness on business results

“To judge business effectiveness, PMO heads need to determine if their work has had a positive, quantifiable effect on the business in terms of troubled project reduction, lower project manager attrition, and faster time to market. In 2012 the practice of measuring the outputs, not the inputs, of project management will gain traction.”

Reporting is essential to see not only how the business is doing with regards to their active portfolio of projects and work, but also to see how successfully they closed out completed projects, for metrics & future improvement.  EPM Live has many out of box reports available, and the capabilities to modify existing and build new custom reports.  Click here for more info about reporting & business intelligence from EPM Live.

8.  Good project managers will buck unemployment trends

9.  Client-centric project management will outpace the “triple constraint”

“The new definition of project success is that a project can exceed its time and cost estimates so long as the client determines that it is successful by whatever criteria they use. In today’s environment, project value is determined by the “recipient”—or client—not the “provider.””

EPM Live offers flexible & configurable project success criteria and business drivers.  This allows your organization to determine how you will grade your projects and requests, objectively scoring them in accordance with those business drivers.  This can also be done in terms of determining the final success of an active or closed project.  Take those same capabilities of the project selection scoring, and incorporate them as objectively scoring the success of the projects.   Click here for more about the portfolio management capabilities available from EPM Live.

10.  HR professionals will seek assessments to identify high-potential project managers


Note: All quotes are from the PM Hut article.  To view the full article posted by ESI International on the PM Hut site, click here.


Queensland Department of Employment Selects EPM Live's WorkEngine

The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) brings together specialist knowledge, networks and services to work with significant businesses and industry sectors. In this way it will help deliver an economy and way of life to benefit all Queenslanders.

Improving job opportunities for individuals is a DEEDI priority, as is assisting businesses to start-up, expand and respond to challenges like climate change and carbon trading.

DEEDI is marketing Queensland to the world as great place to do business and the ultimate holiday destination. It is helping to take Queensland products to new markets while continuing to expand traditional markets.

The Department is collaborating with local, Federal and State agencies to address major obstacles in areas such as land use, infrastructure and complex legislation; while meeting community expectations to protect individual rights and the environment.

The Department is also tasked with increasing by 50 per cent the proportion of Queensland businesses undertaking research and development, and halving the number of Queensland children living in a household without a working parent.

These are ambitious targets in a volatile time. DEEDI is tackling the challenge using market research, engagement with regional Queensland and the business community, and customer feedback.

With more than 5000 staff, DEEDI offers a range of services to individuals and businesses in all regions across the State. These include:

  • Job opportunities and training
  • Business capability development, investment and trade
  • Technical support and innovative solutions for the entire supply chain
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Assistance in gaining access to resources and markets
  • Licences, permits and certification
  • Access to applied research and development
  • Access to skilled labour
  • Help with compliance to standards, codes and regulations
  • Responses to animal and plant pests and diseases

The Department reports to the Treasurer and Minister for State Development and Trade, Andrew Fraser; the Minister for Energy and Water Utilities, Stephen Robertson; the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Regional Economies, Tim Mulherin; the Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business, Jan Jarratt; The Minister for Main Roads, Fisheries and Marine Infrastructure, Craig Wallace; and the Minister for Employment, Skills and Mining, Stirling Hinchliffe.



CMCS Joins the EPM Live Partner Program

I’d like to welcome CMCS to the EPM Live Partner Program. CMCS is the Middle East leader in enterprise portfolio project and risk management solutions. CMCS has served more than 2,000 clients representing industry leaders in Engineering and Construction, Oil and Gas, Power and Utility, Government and Non Government Organizations, IT and Telecommunication, Financial Services, Education and Media.

CMCS has 17 offices in 15 countries and services more than 25 countries over the GCC, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. As of today, CMCS has offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, India, Kenya, Afghanistan, Italy and Greece.

We’re thrilled to have CMCS on board.

Increase EPM & PPM User Adoption with EPM Live Training University

Hello EPM Live users!

My name is Mark Fish.  I joined EPM Live over a year ago as the Director of Training & Development and have enjoyed watching our company evolve at a rapid rate over the last year!  I would like to quickly introduce myself to you, and share the exciting accomplishments of our training department.   I have spent the last fifteen years delivering training and development services to organizations of all sizes, with a focus on delivering technical information in a way that is effective and easy to understand.   I have delivered Microsoft Project training and consulting services to more than 2,500 individuals – nationally (U.S.) and internationally (UK, Germany, & Hong Kong)!  I am passionate about helping our EPM Live customers get the most out of thier EPM Live solution, and am constantly finding new and creative methods to help you do so.

We at EPM Live are always striving to enhance our customer’s experience.  With our recent fall launch, we’ve released two new products, opened an office in the UK, and greatly enhanced our features set.  In addition to that, we have recently unveiled our new EPM Live University available to enhance our customer’s experience!!

Our ten plus years of working within the Enterprise Project Management industry, has provided us the experience to recognize that high-quality training enables our customers to effectively utilize our EPM Live products. The better you understand our product, the higher level of success with your organizations user adoption and overall satisfaction.

As such, we have recently launched our EPM Live Training University that provides flexible training options for end users, administrators, and developers.   We realize there isn’t a one size fits all approach for our customers, so we are now offering a variety of methods for you and your team to access training:

  • Online training guides providing current product information with easy to understand image based how-to instructions.  The new EPM Live online product guides support full text search and simple navigation.  In addition, our online product guides provide us direct communication with you with a commenting system that provides instant feedback.
  • Training how-to videos embedded right within the product itself!  Just click on the “Getting Started” pane on the right side of your screen and you will have access to a wealth of support and training information relevant to where you are in the system.
  • Online eLearning courses are designed to help you and your team, from anywhere in the world easily gain the knowledge needed to effectively and immediately use your EPM Live solution.  Our instructor lead eLearning courses are a series of 90-minute informational webinars designed to help you quickly learn specific areas of EPM Live through product demonstration and Q&A.  Since our eLearning courses are offered every week, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and schedule.  Visit our eLearning catalog for more information about our eLearning course offering.
  • Custom training courses designed to fit your business specific needs.  We can deliver custom classes web based, or on location at the your site with or without custom materials.  Your custom materials can be delivered online so you can leverage all the great features our online product guides support!
  • Product Boot Camps delivered in various locations (e.g. Carlsbad, San Francisco, and Washington DC).    The Boot Camp will give you an end-to-end understanding of the EPM Live products and is designed specifically for those individuals who need to know and understand how to configure and administer the EPM Live product lines. Boot Camps consist of hands-on workshops and interactive discussion sessions lead by a team of technical experts.

EPM Live is investing directly in your success and we are dedicated to bring you the best training service!   If you have any comments or concerns or would just like to reach out and introduce yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.