Rely on a Technical Foundation You Can Trust

From its roots as a SharePoint application to the performance and security of Amazon Web Services, the technical architecture of EPM Live ensures optimal performance, security, availability, and usability.

Leverage a Powerful SharePoint Foundation

EPM Live doesn’t just integrate with MS SharePoint: It is an actual SharePoint application. That means that SharePoint automatically implements projects, tasks, resources, risks and issues from EPM Live as native SharePoint lists. As a result, you can use standard SharePoint functions to create views, enable notifications, subscribe to tasks, and more.

Because EPM Live operates on the SharePoint platform, you can create SharePoint workflows to expand on the workflows within EPM Live, as well as build new SharePoint lists and easily incorporate them into the EPM Live interface.

Trust the Industry’s Leading Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

EPM Live is a software-as-a-service application hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS’s unparalleled uptime ensures that your system will be available whenever you need it while strong encryption and highly secure data centers keep your sensitive business data private.

Choose the Only PPM Tool with Native MS Project Integration

EPM Live is the only portfolio project management tool on the market that provides true, native integration with Microsoft Project. While other solutions claim to integrate with MS Project, they actually force you to work in their proprietary scheduling software. Not EPM Live.

With EPM Live, you can use all of the scheduling and project planning functionality of MS Project without sacrificing visibility at the portfolio level. The tight integration enables complete communication between participants and the project manager, allowing everyone on the team to view and manage schedules, assignments, tasks, timesheets, status updates, project information, and more.

Integrate with Your Key Business Applications

EPM Live integrates seamlessly with your mission-critical business applications to improve visibility and eliminate silos. With pre-built integrations, you get instant access to the data you need without toggling back and forth between applications.

  • Microsoft Outlook: Easily connect your projects, tasks, issues, and other project data to MS Outlook for centralized collaboration. With EPM Live, you can read, reply, and post information without ever having to leave your email.

  • Microsoft Excel and Access: Surface project management details and enjoy rich pivoting and charting by exporting project data to Excel. Connect to MS Access to create your own reporting database and unlock additional reporting options.

  • Microsoft Office 365: Extend the power of MS Office 365 by integrating project and work management capabilities from EPM Live. Due to its SharePoint foundation, EPM Live connects effortlessly to your favorite MS Office applications, so you can collaborate on projects from your system of choice. It integrates easily with MS Office 365 in the cloud, too, so you can benefit from global portfolio and project visibility, work management, and issue management any time, anywhere.
  • SQL Server: EPM Live offers out-of-the-box integration with any system that uses SQL Server as its database engine. By connecting EPM Live to your SQL database, you gain a comprehensive work management hub for use with all of your integrated data.