Three Leadership Trends Every Project Manager Needs to Overcome

Being a great project manager is not only based on how well you plan and execute projects, but how well you manage and lead your team. Leadership derives from the ability to proactively adapt and lead team members through projects, work and changes in the workplace. Great project managers are able to empower team members so everyone feels inspired to contribute creatively in achieving the designated goal. 

Gartner Inc. predicts in 2013 PPM leaders must embrace constant innovation and change. I believe this idea is not just constricted to the year 2013 as it is becoming the norm in all industries and workplaces. Those who do not have the ability to adapt will fall behind and eventually fail.

There are three major trends that leaders are consistently faced with and can no longer be ignored.

1. Technology Adaption – Sometimes we get stuck in our ways, and because our process has worked for you so far you’re reluctant to make any changes. But you need to ask yourself, is this process really efficient? Leveraging today’s PPM technology gives you a competitive advantage in today’s world. Have you implemented a tool to streamline processes and centralize work stored in disparate systems? Are you using social project management to increase productivity amongst users?  There does seem to be a common concern about adopting new technology, the fear that it will replace you. Reframe the way you see technology, it’s there to help make you a better employee, a better leader.

 2. Fast Change – The pace of change is not slowing down any time soon. Along with technical advancements, change is inevitable.  I understand that change can be scary. The looming cloud of uncertainty easily creates fear of the unknown but change can also be exciting. To be a leader, you need to recognize that fast change is the new norm and will need to be more adaptable, resourceful and proactive with your change responses. Move past the fear and right into discovery, creativity and future focus.   

 3. Innovation – Leaders and organizations who are innovators have the highest amount of creativity and the desire to learn and grow. Innovation means putting something together in a new way or adding a certain value never done before. PPM leaders should keep their thumb on the pulse of industry news as well as cutting–edge solutions and disciplines. A leader’s ability to recognize innovation within their industry or amongst project team members is important. This recognition will lead your organization or project teams to be the driving force of setting the bar for new standards and expectations from customers and competitors alike.