Upgrade to WorkEngine Enterprise Cost Management…

With EPM Live’s WorkEngine Enterprise edition, organizations don’t have to deploy a complex project and portfolio management tools to plan, estimate, budget, and control costs.  The WorkEngine Cost Planner and Cost Analyzer allow users to create, manage and analyze project budgets using a simple spreadsheet-like interface.  As always, WorkEngine supports all types of projects and work.  Whether you are tracking costs on simple projects, software development projects using Agile methodology or large programs, our cost management capabilities will meet your needs!

I’ve had several existing customers ask how they can take advantage of the new cost management features.  Well, it’s easy!  Those of you who are already on the WorkEngine platform (either on-premise or on EPM Live’s online environment), can simply upgrade your current system to the Enterprise edition and immediately start leveraging the power of our Cost Management capabilities.  After our enterprise features have been activated, you will see new icons on your Project Center ribbon to allow you to start planning, estimating and controlling costs against your projects right away.  It’s that simple!!

WorkEngine Enterprise Ribbon

If you are using WorkEngine timesheets, a quick mapping to our pre-configured Actuals cost type will allow you to control costs and report on budget vs. actuals.  Other options for analyzing actuals, is to easily enter the data into the simple grid interface, or tie into your existing financial systems.



Cost Analyzer

For those of you who are interested in learning more, or want to try out our cost management capabilities hands on, simply request a trial and we will get you set in the right direction!  WorkEngine Free Trial