Tech Tuesday: EPM Live Online Planner – Importing Tasks and Creating Templates

Easily create project plans and eliminate re-work with the EPM Live Online Project Planner!

During this week’s Technical Tuesday we’d like to take you inside our Online Project Planner to show you a couple of really cool features:  Importing Tasks and Creating Templates.  First, you’ll get to see just how easy it is to import a task list from several different file types so you can get a jump start on creating your online project plan without having to retype your entire task list from scratch.   Next, we’ll show you how to create templates that you and your entire team can use when starting a new project.  With templates, you’ll be able to have a standardized task list that contains all the key tasks and milestones that you want in all your projects!  

**Please note that if this time zone does not meet your availability, please register for the webinar and the video recording will be sent to you following its completion. Any questions please contact Morgan Meyer at