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EPM Live is the leading work management platform that revolutionizes the way organizations manage projects and work. EPM Live’s platform is the first build to order platform that extends project portfolio management (PPM) to all areas of the business regardless of work focus. Small to large organizations can apply cost saving disciplines such as delivering projects successfully, optimizing resource utilization, and selecting the right work to all business teams including new product development, IT, services, operations, sales and project management.

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Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a set of business management practices, methods and technology used by project managers and project management offices (PMOs) to analyze and integrate a group of current or proposed projects with other business operations such as corporate strategies, resource allocation and executive oversight.

An organization can thrive or die based on its ability to achieve its strategic objectives. Accomplishing these strategic objectives requires focused efforts managed in the form of projects. To put it simply, the discipline of PPM enables your organization to align its people and projects with its strategic objectives for business growth and efficiency.   PPM requires skilled people, standardized processes, and a superior technology working in unison to drive project success.

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PPM Software

Project Portfolio Management Software integrates with your current business processes while providing an organization-wide toolset to collect, organize and analyze project and resource information. Project Portfolio Management tools help organizations connect their business strategy through structured programs and initiatives and help the business ensure it’s getting the most out of its resources. Utilizing a PPM program will help organizations create and define repeatable processes that will lead to more consistent and accurate project results. Project software will provide greater visibility across projects allowing organizations to monitor project performance more closely for rapid response to fast-changing environments.

PPM Online

Online Project Management or Project Portfolio Management Software as a Service (SaaS) is taking the marketplace by storm. Historically, organizations were expected to buy, configure and maintain their own infrastructures for internal applications. This way of thinking has changed and now there is a better alternative. In today’s adverse economic conditions, businesses are being asked to do more with less. Online Project Portfolio Management is the answer. Leveraging online Project Portfolio Management tools allows organizations to reduce the cost of hardware and software, minimize the need for internal technical expertise, minimize the cost of IT overhead and reduce the time to market for new Project Management Solutions.

An Online Project Portfolio Management System is available to its users anytime, anywhere. Because most users are familiar with accessing information online, users are more likely to use an Online Project Portfolio Management tool which in return increases usability and allows for more accurate project data. With no upfront hefty software license fees or hardware needs, organizations are able to implement online PPM much more cost effectively and with little time to deployment making online PPM a good fit for many organizations.

SharePoint Project Management

The ability to integrate with other business productivity solutions is essential to achieving favorable project results. A PPM solution will not succeed if the users are not able to work in a way that’s familiar to them. Introducing integrations with common Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Professional, Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SharePoint will aid in improved adoption across the organization. Because Microsoft SharePoint is one of the fastest growing collaboration platforms on the market, SharePoint-based Project Management Solutions have a competitive advantage against traditional stand-alone PPM solutions. With an intuitive, familiar interface, PPM users can now leverage what they already know to help improve their productivity.

Work Management is the process of managing the amount of work effort applied to produce a deliverable or to accomplish a task or a group of related tasks. Work Management allows managers to define and group  work elements in a way that helps organize and define the total work scope of the given initiative. Work Management also provides the necessary framework for detailed cost estimating, schedule development and resource allocation.