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Resource Management for Effective Change



Does your organization deal with frequent change?  Do project scopes, timelines and budgets shift from inception to delivery? Do new opportunities arise and do new challenges need overcoming?  Unless you are very lucky, the answer to all of those questions is a resounding yes.

Change is a way of life for organizations today. Success depends in large part on the ability of organizations to react quickly and effectively to those changes.  Unless you have a strong grasp on resource management in your organization that ‘change agility’ is very difficult to achieve.

Listen to well-known author and speaker Andy Jordan and EPM Live Product Manager Matt Willey in this ngaging webinar where they will provide some practical tools to help you improve the quality of resource management in your organization.

Among other topics, learn:

    How to create a foundation for effective resource management with capacity and capability planning
    How to recognize when your resource management is failing
    How to prevent resource management from becoming continuously reactive
    Why team members engagement in resource management is important
    Why resource management needs to be a strategic and a day-to-day function
    Approaches for improving resource management quickly and effectively

If you have ever had to deal with frustrated team members and frustrated executives as a result of a badly managed change, you don’t want to miss this webinar!

EPM Live – Podcast: Struggling with constant change? Regain control with resource management.



Is your team drowning in a sea of constant change? Do you struggle to understand what your team members are working on as you constantly chase down moving targets? We understand what you’re going through and we’re here to help. Listen in on this hour-long podcast, hosted by two change management experts with over 40 years of combined project management industry experience – Upland Software’s Jim Patterson and Jose Levy – to learn how effective resource management is the key to staying agile and reacting to constant shifts in work priorities. They’ll also reveal how to remain innovative by putting the right resources – on the right work – at the right time.

Throughout this engaging, interactive discussion, we’ll cover:

  • How poor resource management leads to challenges with rapid change
  • How to understand your organization’s capacity and gain visibility to what your team members are working on
  • How to respond to changing requirements and fulfill resource demands
  • How to put a resource management practice in place based on your organization’s specific growth stage

This is a must-attend event for resource managers, functional managers, and PMO directors who want to improve their resource allocation and utilization. It’s also invaluable for business leaders struggling to manage change or looking to implement resource management for the first time.

Technical Tuesday – Kanban Planner in EPM Live!



Join us for an informative Technical Tuesday session where we’ll dive into EPM Live’s newest feature addition, the Kanban Planner.

Webinar discussion topics include:

  • Configuring the Kanban Planner
  • Controlling and visually monitoring processes
  • View, add, track, and updating the status of list items
  • Using drag-and-drop functionality to move Kanban tiles through workflow stages
  • Q&A

Technical Tuesday – Labor Cost Planning in EPM Live!



In this Technical Tuesday webinar we’ll dive into EPM Live’s cost management capabilities!  Specifically, we’ll highlight cost planning with regards to Labor.  The cost of labor is vital when planning for and analyzing the overall cost in any organization.  And no two companies do cost planning in exactly the same way. EPM Live’s cost management capabilities are flexible to allow for configuration to meet YOUR business use case.

We’ll explore the different cost planning configuration options, how to configure those options, and how users interact with your configuration options. EPM Live cost planning webinar topics will include:

  • Summary level and detailed role level planning
  • Budgeted monetary costs
  • Calculated costs based on hourly rates
  • Flexible configuration options

Social Collaboration Enterprise Project and Social Work Management Begins with Communities – Webinar Series Part 1 of 4



Tips, tools and best practices for building successful communities within your organization

Presenter: Matt Willey, EPM Live Product Manager

As employees are empowered to share their knowledge, build relationships, execute on work in the way that works best for them, and act as community leaders and key contributors, businesses will begin to see that engaged employees produce more value.  They identify with corporate goals and care about business results. Recent trends have shown that businesses must embrace a new generation where employee engagement is crucial to the organization’s success.  We must now foster a technology-driven work environment that closely mimics the social experiences that employees have outside of work.  View the recording to explore the ins and outs of Enterprise Project and Social Work Management. Topics discussed in this Webinar:

•  Stakeholder Management & Engagement

•  Leveraging Existing Communities

•  Community Champions

•  Tools for Building Communities

Social Project Management in SharePoint- Adapting to the Change

Dates: 07/31/2013



In today’s world, project managers must adapt to innovation and change.  Information that used to be shared through hallway conversations and meetings is now at our fingertips.  The world has gone social and businesses must follow or they will be left behind. 

This change in how we manage projects can catch even the best project manager off guard if they aren’t prepared for the transition.  Join us in this half hour presentation to learn what steps must be taken to prepare your organization for social project management, the new skills required to manage these social projects, and the best practices that will help you better communicate and adapt to this change. 

The following topics will be covered:

  • Social Project Management – What is it?
  • Keys to Social Project Management Adoption
  • SharePoint Social Project Management Tools
**Please note that if this time zone does not meet your availability, please register for the webinar and the webinar recording will be sent to you following its completion. Any questions please contact Morgan Meyer at mmeyer@epmlive.com.

EPMO as a Shared Service: Delivering Results with a Project Capable Enterprise

Dates: 06/18/2013



An Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) helps to streamline project and work initiatives resulting in faster cycle times for project delivery through standardization, governance and repeatable processes. Initiating and leveraging an EPMO will help your organization deliver consistent profitable results. An organization leveraging a structured project and work management approach will outperform those who don’t every time.

Join us in this webinar presentation to discuss the basics of setting up a shared service EPMO including 5 common areas: People, Process, Technology, Governance and Infrastructure. In addition, learn what common challenges to avoid and turn your EPMO into a successful centralized hub for work success!

**Please note that if this time zone does not meet your availability, please register for the webinar and the webinar recording will be sent to you following its completion. Any questions please contact Morgan Meyer at mmeyer@epmlive.com

The Ultimate Guide to Work Productivity: Tools, Tips and Tricks – Getting the Most from Your Project’s Resources

Dates: 03/21/2013



Resources are the most valuable asset and the biggest expense for an organization. Many organizations struggle to get the most out of their resources because of conflicting projects and other work priorities. Thinning out resources to accommodate new work will only compromise quality and put your projects at risk. When demand increases, your resources may not, so how do you strategically plan your resources upfront and prepare for certain changes moving forward?

Join us in this webinar presentation to learn how you can take a 5 step approach to mastering resource management in EPM Live to ensure maximum resource efficiency across all work.

**Please note that if this time zone does not meet your availability, please register for the webinar and the webinar recording will be sent to you following its completion. Any questions please contact Morgan Meyer at mmeyer@epmlive.com

Supercharge PPM Results with a Business-Driven Approach

Dates: 04/18/2013



As a project and program management executive, we suspect you’re extremely busy chasing down status updates, compiling reports, and drumming up management support and organizational adoption.

With constant moving parts and remote teams executives need to analyze current processes and see if they can identify with the PPM excellence check list below:

Out of respect for your hectic schedule, we advise you to NOT view this webcast if all of the following apply to you:

  • Your project portfolio is completely aligned with corporate strategy.
  • You track portfolio level benefits using financial metrics validated by your CFO.
  • You routinely measure your contribution to the organization’s key performance indicators.
  • Your governance process supports periodic reviews to re-balance the portfolio.
  • Your PPM software is well adopted by project managers.

But if this doesn’t reflect your PMO/PPM reality, you may want to watch this insightful webcast to learn how to create a top-down framework to establish portfolio management objectives, measure progress against those objectives and respond to the inevitable shifts in budget, priority and strategy. You may even come away convinced that a business-driven approach to PPM makes sense for your organization!

Work Transparency – How Much Do You Know?

Dates: 03/07/2013



The importance of understanding and developing PPM best practices and processes is at an all-time high. As the Market continues to climb out of the trenches, organizations must learn to better manage projects, resources and all other work. Organizations must adopt PPM practices to fully understand the data requirements needed to help them respond to project performance and changes in a timely manner. Who are the stakeholders? What information is critical to their decision making? What KPIs are necessary to gauge success and prevent unforeseen issues? What form, format, and distribution best fit your audiences’ needs?

In this webinar, EPM Live will help you define effective metrics to help your organization assess your portfolio investments and track performance. Discover the right way to implement these outputs and ensure structured delivery.

**Please note that if this time zone does not meet your availability, please register for the webinar and the webinar recording will be sent to you following its completion. Any questions please contact Morgan Meyer at mmeyer@epmlive.com