Case Study: Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc.

How a company that already excelled in project management filled the missing links with EPM Live.

Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc. (BPMI) is a prime contractor for the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP). They are a project engineering organization responsible for providing design, manufacturing, and procurement management for the fabrication, testing, delivery, installation, and field support of high quality nuclear power plant components for installation in submarines and aircraft carriers. BPMI also supports the operating fleet by providing upgraded and replacement components during refueling and overhauls, as well as delivering information technology solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Bechtel, BPMI’s parent company, excelled in project management and utilized complex tools to assist in major construction projects. Even though BPMI leveraged many of the Bechtel project management principles, they still ran into challenges and recognized the benefits of implementing a standard Project Management system. BPMI selected EPM Live to help them reduce inefficiencies, improve overall project performance, risk management, knowledge management and project transfers.

Join us for this one hour session and see why BPMI chose EPM Live and how they were successful in using the solution.

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Enterprise Project Management Buyer’s Guide: Considerations for EPM Tools and Features

Business leaders are struggling more than ever to gain visibility into their project and work investments. Visibility is just the beginning; without a clear understanding of how the business is performing overall based on the metrics provided, leaders are unable to make key business decisions that could result in greater business value. We have all heard the expression “do more with less”. This expression has become a required discipline for organizations with limited resources, tightened budgets and shifting priorities. Economic conditions have greatly intensified the need to ensure that every work initiative is performing to expectations, is bringing optimal value to the company, and tightly aligns with business strategy to ensure competitive advantage.
So how do you know if implementing an EPM system is right for you? Join us in this 1-hour webinar as we review key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating EPM tools and features. The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
  • EPM Key Features
  • What to Expect with an EPM Deployment
  • SaaS vs. On-Premise