What's New in Microsoft Project 2010

Microsoft Project 2010 has a lot of new and exciting features that will dramatically change the way Microsoft Project users manage their schedules today.  Aside from the typical software enhancements, the Microsoft Project team has gone out of their way to ensure that the 2010 version will greatly enhance the end-user experience increasing usability and making managing schedules a much more delightful task!  Let’s take a quick look at some of the features that are generating a lot of the buzz:

1. The Ribbon
  • Work more efficiently with the simple and intuitive Ribbon, so the tools you need to plan and manage your project are always at your fingertips
  • Contextual menu groupings reveal powerful features, making it easier to get started and realize results
  • Learn about features and rich formatting controls quickly with descriptive tooltips
    and drop down galleries
  • Simply be more productive by choosing your own menus options, quick access toolbar and setting defaults
  • Save to XPS or PDF, share, print and publish project information with just one click in the Backstage view

2. Excel-like Experience
  • Enhanced copy and paste makes it easy to share information effectively with other Office applications  while retaining formatting
  • Add columns dynamically by entering data without having to first select the data type
  • Simplify data entry with auto-complete that displays a list of previously used values to select from
  • Automatic text wrap eliminates extra formatting steps by adjusting row height to display full task names
  • Quickly mine data and analyze with easy access filtering for all columns
  • Create emphasis with rich color options and text formatting to express ideas and solve problems in new ways
3. Flexible Scheduling
  • Gain flexibility with user controlled scheduling – manually schedule tasks with the information you have right now or choose to automatically schedule tasks with calculated dates and durations
  • Be alerted to potential scheduling concerns with squiggly lines and choose how to manage them
  • Gain insight with the Task Inspector to recognize concerns and take action early – effectively managing to solve problems
  • Support rolling wave planning and easily create high level forecasts using manually scheduled Top Down Summary tasks
  • Identify gaps by comparing manually scheduled summary tasks with information rolled up from subtasks
  • Simplify planning with inactive and active tasks to perform what-if analysis
4. Timeline View
  • It’s easier to see and share – with a clear view of tasks, milestones and phases
  • Simply create the ultimate graphical timeline to express your schedule and plan
  • Pan, zoom, color and enhance with all the visual effects you’d expect to illustrate ideas and connect with others
    Drill into details and visually recognize differences – compare project versions and make informed decisions
  • Reach your audience quickly with new impact by quickly copying the timeline into an email or a presentation or any other document
  • Edit, alter or format the copied timeline easily to deliver integrated business insights and benefits.

5. Team Planner

  • Quickly see and identify unassigned or unscheduled tasks to solve problems
  • Visualize the right mix of resources and assignments with a simple and intuitive resource view·
  • Drag and drop task assignments to save time and optimize resources
  • Simply hover over tasks to instantly see task-level details to plan with ease and precision
  • Be alerted to potential problems with visual highlights and choose to manually level resources as you work
  • Automatically level over allocated resources on a task by task basis using Task Inspector to instantly realize results
6. Connect Teams with SharePoint Sync
  • Enhance team collaboration by sharing information more efficiently – simply copy, paste, save, print or publish, in one easy-to-manage BackstageTM view.
  • Fully utilize the power of Project Professional 2010 by converting WSS “14” task lists to realize project schedules.
  • Publish your Project Professional plans to Microsoft SharePoint task lists and enable round-trip synchronization so team members can update task status directly from SharePoint.
  • Save, share and manage – simply be more connected in the ways you expect with Project Professional 2010 and Microsoft WSS “14”.
  • Connect Project Professional to Microsoft Project Server 2010 and add the capabilities of end to end project and portfolio management.