Why Build Your Corporate Website on SharePoint 2010?

The last few years have brought on a whole new set of business challenges for organizations.  Most of these organizations have one consistent challenge among them….the need to do more with less. It is more critical than ever to get the most out of your IT investments.  Leveraging one platform to extend benefits and increase productivity across multiple teams and departments could bring about significant cost savings.  SharePoint 2010 has done just that; offered a platform solution that can be leveraged for all teams and all users across an organization.  What if you could use the same platform to build your corporate website that your PMO uses for project management, your product development team uses for agile development and your service team uses to respond to service requests?  Well, with SharePoint 2010 you can!  Take a look at a few of the advantages that WorkEngine is getting from using SharePoint 2010 as their corporate website platform:

  • Flexible and Scalable- SharePoint is allowing WorkEngine to use the same platform for all departments.  Each department has different types of work, their own methodologies and their own ways of getting that work done.  SharePoint 2010 has the flexibility to easily implement solutions for all work needs without the need to invest in multiple systems.  Not only is SharePoint being used for internal business productivity and running the business activities but it is also being used as an external marketing tool for WorkEngine prospects and consumers.
  • Cost Effective- By utilizing one platform, SharePoint is allowing  WorkEngine to save money on training, IT infrastructure, in-house expertise and all other costs associated with managing multiple systems and silos of data.  The WorkEngine marketing team can now leverage SharePoint to manage campaigns, distribute content, manage messaging and coordinate events all within one system.
  • Easy to Use- Because SharePoint is intuitive and easy to use, website information can be added and modified instantly decreasing production time and allowing the marketing team to focus on programs that will improve business results.