Why Implement SharePoint Project Management in a Tough Economy?

Now is not the time to cut investments in your organization’s project management tools.  In fact, quite the contrary.  How can you get more work done on a limited budget while maximizing resource utilization and mastering quality deliverables?  The answer is simple, invest in Project Management tools that will help you manage work more effectively.  Making the decision to invest is only the first step, ensuring that it’s the right tool for your organization is equally as important. 

Introducing a project management toolset that stops at PPM will limit your savings and your success.  It has been proven that work is everywhere, not just within your projects.  Incorporating work management (all work, not just project work) into your organization’s every day routine will help your resources see the whole picture of what needs to be done and not just on the project tasks at hand.  In addition, giving them a collaborative platform in which to manage their work allows them to build relationships, encourage team work and share knowledge.  It’s a collaborative world and people want to share their lives with others.  So how do you combine PPM with work management with overall collaboration?  SharePoint Project Management!

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits SharePoint Project Management has to offer:


    • Empower employees by giving them a self-service collaboration tool that they can leverage to manage all of their work.

    • Stop paying for costly disconnected business applications and consolidate to a business productivity collaboration platform that provides a lower cost of ownership and allows you to manage all work in one system.

    • Adopt to a simple PPM and work management technology with a familiar and intuitive interface that will save training and adoption costs.

    • Leverage your current SharePoint investment and extend the platform you already own to bring other work management functionality to your organization including project management, new product development, service management, application management and more.

    • Reduce risks, lengthy deployments and upfront costs by leveraging online SharePoint project management tools so you can get up and running today and begin managing work tomorrow.


Nurture Innovation

    • Inspire new ideas by seamlessly connecting resources and encouraging collaboration.
    • Introduce Social Project Management. This new discipline encourages communication and collaboration amongst team members by providing them with social tools such as comment streams or collaborative project communities. Connect to Microsoft Outlook or other productivity applications to streamline conversations with remote employees driving efficiencies.
    • Improve communication through social collaboration tools. Centralize all project work by introducing collaborative communities. Allow resources to easily share project information and important documents or create wikis and RSS feeds to stay up to date with project statuses.
    • Invigorate innovation by allowing resources to work the way they work. Flexible project management tools, such as SharePoint project management, should encourage user adoption and foster team collaboration.


Leverage the Cloud

    • Cloud PPM allows for faster and less-expensive implementations, it has lower risk, requires reduced operational management and increases user adoption due to anytime access since only a web browser is required.
    • SaaS project management is the right choice for organizations with cost constraints and limited IT resources. With the cloud, organizations are able to instantly access the same PPM tools put forth in any other project management deployment but without the lengthy implementation process.  
    • Online project management allows resources to access on-demand, real-time project updates and communicate more efficiently with remote employees.
    • Delivery via the provider’s infrastructure reduces the need to invest in and maintain databases, application servers and hardware.


Accelerating Value

    • Work management is the foundation of great PPM. Define, plan, organize and track all work across the organization from one centralized location increasing communication and productivity.
    • A rich feature set provides organizations with pre-built applications to better manage work throughout the enterprise making resources more efficient.
    • Create project communities to centralize all project details for team members to access on-demand and collaborate in real-time.
    • Increase efficiencies by integrating current business applications with your centralized SharePoint platform.