Work Management with Microsoft Project 2010 Professional and SharePoint 2010

As we have mentioned in previous articles, Microsoft Project 2010 Professional has many new features that are well worth the upgrade, but along with the powerful new capabilities of Microsoft technology also comes a new way of thinking.  It is no longer good enough to have a centeralized location to manage all project work across your organization. You must also consider that where there is project work, there is always work, non-project related, affecting the same resources.

Common business productivity systems that are critical for projects, such as EPM or PPM don’t always include all other work that affects your project resources making true work management impossible.  It is essential to the management of any project that you properly analyze all work that has any impact on your overall project portfolio.

Microsoft® Project Professional 2010 offers Project Managers a powerful tool for scheduling, planning and assigning project work within their projects and programs.  Microsoft SharePoint® Foundation 2010 provides its users with an easy to use, intuitive platform for effective team collaborationis and continues to be the most widely used collaboration platform on the market today.

Although many organizations leverage both tools for improved business productivity, many times these solutions operate in parallel and therefore aren’t even beginning to scratch the surface for reaching their true potential .

EPM Live’s EPM WorkEngine offers expanded Microsoft Project Professional and SharePoint capabilities that give organizations the ability to manage both projects and all other work with one solution.  By providing the proper toolsets to track and manage all work and associated costs, EPM WorkEngine is empowering businesses of all sizes and types to extend their current project management practice into a full work management discipline.

To join our upcoming webinar to see how EPM WorkEngine combines the power of both technologies to provide a powerful EPM solution for effectively managing project, operational, development and all other types of work in your organization please register here.

With WorkEngine 2010, Microsoft Project 2010 Professional and SharePoint 2010 you can now get more value from the technologies you already own, you can streamline your operations, save money and have direct impact to your bottom line.