WorkEngine #Agile Management – Expanding Iterative Planning Outside of Software Development

The Agile trend has been rapidly increasing now that the practices are more easily understood and adopted, and tools have become more increasingly available.  While Agile is definitely more prominent within the software development community, we’ve found customers finding new and innovative ways to leverage iterative planning outside of software development projects.  Since WorkEngine supports both standard waterfall scheduling approaches, along with iterative planning, organizations have been able to leverage one solution across multiple departments.

For example,  one of our customers has a department with a need to manage their monthly publications.  Key requirements that influenced them to use iterative planning include:

  • Short cycles with repeated activities
  • Frequent releases of publications
  • Highest priority items are addressed first
  • Finish date is firm but scope might be changed
  • Need to easily move work items among iterations

To meet these requirements, each monthly publication is represented as an iteration within WorkEngine.  Users can create, name and time-box these iterations associated to publications for management and tracking capabilities.  Managers easily create tasks, sub-tasks and general activities and associate them to a specific publication (iteration).  They then define the complexity (points) or workload (effort) to a specific monthly publication and resource within their WorkEngine solution to balance the workload.  As such, managers now have the capability to plan and coordinate resource workload to ensure proper placement, expertise and efficiency for each publication (iteration).  Work items that don’t make a specific publication can be easily dragged into another publication iteration.

In addition, some articles may span several iterations.  WorkEngine’s Agile solution allows them to associate each article to several tasks or activities within each iteration(s).  Combine the powerful iteration planning WorkEngine offers, along with the other work management capabilities such as workflow/approvals,  content management and financial management and you have one simple to use solution to manage across multiple department needs.