WorkEngine Announces its Accelerator Marketplace- Prebuilt Templates to Accelerate your Implementation

To help organizations reduce the time to market when implementing an Enterprise Project and Work Management Solution, EPM Live has built a WorkEngine template gallery that will help meet the needs and requirements of almost any organization.  WorkEngine’s Accelerator Marketplace offers powerful, easy to use predefined solution templates, feature templates and WorkEngine Partner’s third party products that optimize the dynamic features of EPM Live’s WorkEngine and accelerate the implementation process.   WorkEngine Accelerators will ensure that your organization’s Solution deploys efficiently and meets specific and unique requirements.

WorkEngine Accelerators significantly improve time-to-benefit at minimal risk. Our Accelerators are built with leading industry and business best practices imbedded in the configuration.  WorkEngine Accelerators enable rapid adoption and standardization of world-class best practices.

WorkEngine Accelerators help organizations:

  • Decrease implementation cost and risk, while increasing ROI
  • Build in and  Standardize best practices surrounding their business processes
  • Ensure Early adoption

To access EPM Live’s WorkEngine Accelerator Gallery please click here.