WorkEngine's Feature Spotlight

In addition to WorkEngine’s core functionality, WorkEngine has many features that deserve the spotlight from time to time.  This month’s spotlight includes the following features and functionality that add even more value to your SharePoint platform:

  • Work Log:  WorkEngine’s Work log allow team members to enter their Timesheet data from any SharePoint list item.  For example:  If a team member is working on an issue, task or a even service request stored in a SharePoint list, that team member no longer has to leave that item and go to their timesheet to enter how many hours they have worked on that day, they can now simply click the Work Log link in the SharePoint item and enter their time for the day.  They will then see these hours show up in their timesheet when they are ready to submit for approval.
  • Resource Tools: WorkEngine 2010 provides visibility into resource demands across the organization so functional managers can make staffing decisions to support corporate goals and objectives. Understand which projects and types of work are consuming your most valuable resources for effectively and proactively aligning your staffing plan based on changing priorities and budgets.  As you are assigning resources to any item in SharePoint, make sure you use the “Check Resources” or “Find Resources” feature to view availability and current assignments.
  • My Work Reminder Web Part:  My Work is a WorkEngine feature that allows users to view all their work from one centralized location.  The My Reminders Web Part is designed to display the status of such actionable items rolled up from all sites where the work items were created.  The My Reminders Web Part renders the following information on the My Work home page (and can be easily configured to include additional list data as well):
  • Tasks: New Tasks, Overdue Tasks
  • Issues: Active Issues, Overdue Issues
  • Risks: Active Risks, Overdue Risks
  • Actions: New Actions, Overdue Actions